Common Pest's That are Killing Your Grass!

No landscape is completely pest-free! Many insects are extremely beneficial to plant life and the environment. However, you can help eliminate the presence of those species which may cause damage to your lawn or garden with these following tips:

Getting Rid of Grubs

There are many, different species of grubs or beetle larvae that are slightly different in colour and size. These unsightly creatures can be found in the soil, where they feast on the roots of lawn grasses while attracting other unwanted pests such. Some symptoms may include spongy yellow patches and visible lawn die off.

Treatment Includes: Soaking infested areas with commercial grub killer.

Chinch bugs

These mighty bugs are black and white in colour, and have white-grey wings that have a dark patch. They strip the moisture from grass by first sucking out the fluid and then depositing an fluid that prevents further water absorption.

Burrowing or Digging Mammals

Many small animals can burrow into your lawn which could cause damage. Chipmunks, moles, groundhogs, and other burrowing mammals. Key symptoms could include visible tunnelling, and holes.

Treatment Includes: Hiring a pest control company, setting live traps to catch the animals, and relocate somewhere safer.

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