Fall Landscaping Tips!

Fall landscaping can be such a chore....make it an easy and fun task by following these simple tips!

Maintain the Lawn

To ensure your lawn is prepared to endure a freezing winter, make sure you give it a really good trim, one last time! When trimming is complete....grab a handful of grass seed and sprinkle onto bare areas of your lawn. Ensure you continue to water the lawn adequately to stimulate growth!

Leaf Clean-Up!

To keep your lawn healthy after all of the seeding, make sure you remove most of the leaves from your lawn, the grass needs to breathe after all! To make the process easier, try using a leaf blower and a trusty rake! Raking leaves in the fall can also be a fun family activity, it provides exercise, and is a fun game for kids who love to jump in leaf piles!

Store Summer Patio Furniture & Equipment

At the end of the season, always make sure to store away your Summer Patio Furniture. The freezing temperatures in Canada can cause damage to certain outdoor furniture pieces, and will cause your furniture to show more wear and tear in the spring! To keep your outdoor furniture looking brand new store everything either in a shed, dry storage space, or indoors if possible. This simple task will keep you furniture looking brand new for many years to come! Another option would be to spray the furniture with a protectant, if you do not have room to store in a warm and dry area indoors. Additionally, you could cover the furniture with materials and secure it to ensure that your furniture will stay dry from the harsh winter conditions.

Protect Cold-Sensitive Plants

To protect sensitive perennials, shrubs, and other plants, and to keep them in their best condition, ensure you wrap them up! The first step is to add mulch to the base of the plant, then wrap plants in cloth barriers such as burlap to prevent damage when the temperature drops.

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