Keeping Tree's Healthy!

Maintaining your Tree's is one of the best ways to ensure they stay healthy and beautiful!

Regular Mulching

Mulching regularly will keep your tree's health and beautiful. Below are quick and easy tips on how to do so....

  1. Apply a 1-4 inch layer of wood chips / or your preferred type of biodegradable mulch.

  2. Pull mulch away from the bases of the tree and shrub trunks. This will create a donut-hole. Ensure you do not pile it up against the trunk, otherwise buildup of excessive mulch on the trunk causes moisture to build up, creating ideal conditions for insect pests, diseases, and decay.

Adequate Watering

Ensure during the dryer summer months that your trees have an adequate amount of water supply. Most mature trees have roots that extend far in all different directions. Make sure you focus your watering on the middle of the roots so that it will be evenly distributed.

Newly planted trees & young trees have not yet grown a large area of roots. This is why they can’t store much water and need to be watered often. They should be watered near the trunk.

Pruning & Trimming

Trimming and Pruning your trees is essential for ensuring they stay healthy! Diseased branches should be removed before they infect the rest of the tree, as well as dead or broken branches should removed before insects tunnel inside to make a home.

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Stay Safe!

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